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Subaru Tips

Now that temperatures are warming up across the country, it is the perfect opportunity to visit some of our most beautiful landmarks: the National Parks. But with over 100 million pounds of trash generated each year -- most of which ends up in landfills -- we could all do our part to reduce waste. Check out our handy tips to make sure you get the most out of a National Park visit while still protecting the environment.

  • Only bring what you need. It’s tempting to bring a lot of products and food with you, but if you only pack what you can carry, you’ll leave little waste behind.

  • Avoid bringing things with excessive packaging. Open all new products before you leave home, and recycle the packaging appropriately.

  • Bring things that you can re-use. Instead of bringing disposable water bottles or coffee cups, bring alternatives that will allow you to fill up throughout the day and take home with you.

  • Look for recycling areas. If you know that something can be recycled, try not to toss it in the regular trash. Rinse it off, and dispose of it in the proper area.

  • Avoid single-serving packages. These may be super convenient, but they lead to a lot of waste. Try not to contribute to the staggering amount of trash that is generated each year.

  • Bring things that are easily compostable. Some snack packaging can be composted with your leftover food, and by choosing these options, you will avoid contributing to the growing landfills.

  • Go digital! Instead of paper maps, try to use a digital alternative to help you navigate the park.