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Seven Reasons Why Fostering A Dog Is The Most Rewarding Thing

Created by USA for Subaru

Maybe you can’t make a commitment to adopt a dog – you can still foster one. By opening your home to a dog for a shorter period of time, you’re still giving back to animal shelters and helping deserving dogs get better homes. Even though you’re keeping the dog for a shorter time frame, it will still be an incredibly rewarding feeling and totally worth looking into.

  • You’re still rescuing a dog. Keeping dogs out of shelters means keeping more dogs alive.
  • You can help nurse a sick or injured dog back to health. A lot of shelter pets need medical care – imagine how amazing it’ll feel to help a dog get better.
  • A lot of shelter dogs have come from bad environments and may be nervous. By showering it with love in your home, you’ll help the dog feel comfortable in his new home.
  • You may even get to train a dog. Shelter pets can go on to become service dogs and give back to the community. You can have a role in helping it get there.
  • Someone else will really thank you for it. Adoptive dog owners will be eternally grateful for helping to make their dog happy, safe, and comfortable.
  • Dogs love you unconditionally, and getting to snuggle and play with your new friend after a long day is one of the greatest feelings.
  • And who knows, maybe you’ll become a “foster failure” and choose to adopt your foster dog and give it a forever home.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of pet adoption, visit TheMoreYouKnow.com/Subaru