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8 Ways to Volunteer With Senior Citizens In Your Community

Senior citizens are often an overlooked group in your community, but spending time with them is important and fulfilling. If you’re looking for a new volunteer opportunity this summer, consider working with senior citizens! Helping seniors live long, happy, and healthy lives is an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience.

•    Volunteer at your local nursing home, assisted living facility, or senior center. These centers should already have existing volunteer programs, so it should be very easy to get started!

•    Look up local volunteer efforts in your community. Most cities have a listing of volunteer activities, and you can find one that fits your existing hobbies and interests, such as cooking or playing games.

•    Prepare a meal for a senior citizen in your life. This could be an extra portion of something you’re already making, or a larger, complete meal that they can have leftovers from.

•    Reach out to senior citizens in your area and ask them how you can help. Whether you’re visiting to chat, or are helping them with household chores, pitching in wll be good for both you.

•    Offer to run errands for a senior citizen who can no longer drive. Take them to appointments, the library, a community center, or the store. Or simply go on a scenic drive on a nice day.

•    Help a senior with art projects, including making scrapbooks! This is a fun and easy project, and you can share in memories with someone who has experienced a ton of them.

•    Visit someone at home, and bring food and fun activities with you. Sometimes a senior is just looking for some companionship, so spending quality time at home will go a long way.

•    Surprise a senior neighbor with a major act of kindness. If you’re already planting spring flowers around your home, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or shoveling a snowy driveway in the winter, consider going over to your senior neighbor and doing the same for them as a memorable surprise. They will always appreciate this kind gesture!