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7 Tips to be a Greener Coffee Drinker

Having a cup of coffee is an integral part of the daily routine for millions of Americans, but many of us could stand to be a little more environmentally friendly with our habit. Check out seven tips that can make you a greener coffee drinker in no time.

  • Bring a reusable coffee cup. If you know you’re going to get coffee on the go, invest in a reusable travel mug or thermos. You’ll cut down on waste, and coffee shops may even give you a bit of a discount if you bring your own mug.

  • Use refillable filters. Single-serving coffee makers are incredibly convenient, but they leave a lot of waste behind. If you want the convenience of one of these machines, look into getting a refillable pod to use. If you use a regular coffee maker, you can buy a reusable filter!

  • Go to local coffee shops. A lot of independent coffee shops use locally sourced beans, which means that the beans traveled a shorter distance to get to you and your cup.

  • If you’re enjoying your coffee in a store instead of taking it to go, see if they can serve it to you in a mug instead of a disposable cup. Most commercial cups are lined with wax, which makes them unrecyclable.

  • Look for filter-less coffee making alternatives, like using a French Press. Using it won’t drive up your electricity bill, and you won’t have any waste.

  • Compost your used coffee grounds! Your leftover grounds are excellent for plant fertilization.

  • Buy your coffee beans from sustainable or organic farms, and look for Fair Trade beans when you can. Not only are you likely to get a delicious brew this way, but you’ll also be getting coffee that hasn’t been farmed in an environmentally damaging way.