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6 Tips to Help End Hunger In Senior Citizens

Here’s a scary statistic: One in six senior citizens struggle with hunger. The good news is that this is something we can easily change if we come together as a community. Here are some easy things you can do to ensure that the seniors in your area have warm and healthy meals.

•    Prepare a meal for senior citizens in your life, and make sure they have enough for leftovers! Bringing over a delicious, warm meal will brighten up their day.

•    Work with your local senior center to make sure there are events planned where seniors can go and eat healthy meals and socialize. Also work to help publicize these events so everyone interested can attend.

•    If there is a senior that you’re close to on your block, invite them over for dinner. You may learn some fun new cooking techniques, and sharing a meal is excellent bonding.

•    Volunteer with Meals on Wheels. By getting involved with this amazing cause, you can consistently feed plenty of hungry people in your community.

•    When you’re going grocery shopping, either take a senior citizen along with you, or pick up a few extra groceries to donate.

•    Throw a neighborhood potluck. Not only will this be a fun event to bring your entire community together, but also everyone will go home full.