Diamond Is A Girl's Worst Friend
S1 episode 8 Aired on December 16, 2014

Nina has a case with repeat offender Diamond Danfield and wins a ten buck bet with Phil when she gets her client a better deal than Phil has.

Right after court, Diamond tries to rob her because he needs money to afford the anger management class the court is requiring him to take.

Meanwhile Carlos and Phil want to teach the intern Micah a lesson for being such a know-it-all. They assign her a tough DUI case.

Turns out Diamond has tried every excuse in the book to avoid looking for a job, but Nina is not giving up.

Back in the office, Micah is taking her assignment seriously. Very seriously.

While Micah does their casework, Carlos is helping Phil determine which college basketball team to bet on through his very scientific analysis.

When the anger management class administrator says that Diamond registered too late for his name to appear on the roster, Nina gets angry.

Just as Phil suspected, Micah crumbles under the pressure of trying her first case in court.

Micah is grateful that Phil stepped in and saved the case…and her ass.

After a day of babysitting and handholding her client, Nina claims that finally getting Diamond out of the system was no sweat.