Curry Favor
S1 episode 7 Aired on December 9, 2014

With Burt on extended disability, the Public Defenders’ office has a new chief. Nina has gotten on Geoffrey’s bad side before the workday even began.

To make her bad day worse, her co-workers pile on the snarky remarks about her and her outfit.

The woman who stole Nina’s parking spot turns out to be the forensic analyst testifying against her client. Strangely Edie Perch seems to be the only one who actually “gets” Nina.

Meanwhile, Carlos is staying with Phil while he waits for his new apartment to be ready.

While Carlos and Phil are becoming more like the Odd Couple, Nina and Edie have instantly bonded.

Though he’s trying not to nag, Carlos is really concerned that Phil’s gambling is out of control.

With Edie in her life (for one day), Nina has a revelation about Phil and her:

Now Nina’s new real BFF is helping her to whoop Trent’s ass in court.

But Nina didn’t realize that Edie fudged her client’s lab report so Nina could win. Edie pleads with her to go through with the trial anyway.

While Nina wins her trial, Phil wins a huge bet on a horse race so he can pay off his debt. Too bad Carlos never placed the bet to teach Phil a lesson.

When Nina discovers that Edie often fudges her reports to help out friends, there’s only one thing she can do.

Going beyond “work friend” territory, Phil does Nina’s dirty work for her. As it turns out, Edie had 89 “fudges” in one year.