Rights & Wrongs
S1 episode 6 Aired on December 2, 2014

Nina’s up against Trent for a vandalism case but she’s not taking a deal because she believes her client is innocent. FYI: Exes bickering is not the way to win a plea.

Phil makes an observation about the lingering tension between Nina and Trent.

Nina denies it but…it looks like he’s right.

Phil says even though he hates the way the DAs operate, he can’t take a stand on every case because “that’s the system.”

However, Nina’s not about to phone it in like Phil. But tracking down evidence herself to support her case doesn’t go so well.

Perhaps winning her case is more about punishing Trent than justice for her client…?

Burt’s getting heat from Judge Nelson about Nina fighting every plea, so he gives her the “speech.”

Meanwhile, Carlos’s dedication to the job may be costing him his marriage. He just got served…with divorce papers.

Fed up with their shenanigans, Judge Nelson locks Nina and Trent in his chambers to settle their cases. What they really need to settle is their personal issues.

Eventually, Nina learns how to compromise—for her own good and everyone else’s.

She may have cut a deal, but she totally WON that deal. And a box full of office supplies.