Shark, Actually
S1 episode 5 Aired on November 25, 2014

Nina snatches Phil’s case with a high-end private lawyer representing the co-defendant who’s known as The Great White Shark.

After Phil strikes out with the court stenographer, he questions whether Nina is right about him not being serious. Carlos isn’t helping to disprove Nina’s claim.

So Phil tries to show Nina and the stenographer that they’re wrong about him.

Nina is thrown off when her co-counsel’s (handsome, charming) son, George Jr., shows up for their business dinner instead of the Shark.

The dinner meeting suddenly becomes more date-y than Nina expected.

When Nina tells the guys that the dinner meeting went well and that George Jr. asked her out, Phil changes his assessment of her as a shark person.

As part of Phil’s campaign to be more serious in court, he puts Officer Sam, his poker buddy, in a bad position on the stand.

Now suspicious of George Jr.’s motives, Nina goes through his phone and briefcase, returning her to Shark Person status in Phil’s opinion but not Nina’s.

But it’s her shark-like behavior in court—accepting the plea on behalf of her own client, screwing the co-defendant—that costs her a date with George Jr.

Despite his serious lawyering, Phil winds up with a client who jumped bail, a black eye and no seat at the poker table. But he still has a date with the stenographer.