Hooked & Booked
S1 episode 3 Aired on November 11, 2014

Carlos is upset that it’s his first anniversary apart from his wife so Phil, the expert problem-escaper, makes Carlos an offer he can’t refuse.

Nina can’t join the rager because she has a fancy spa appointment.

So Phil tricks Nina into believing that she needs to get “hooked and booked” so she can better understand what her clients go through.


But she didn’t realize she’d be doing time for real.

Meanwhile the boys are having a raging good time. Sort of.

Phil has an idea to get the night back on track.

Change of plans: they’re going over to Rosa’s to help Carlos win her back.

And back to Nina, who’s night in jail experience is not quite the same thing as a mad wrap...

Nina lives to tell the tale of her night in the slammer, where she learned a useful tip from her fellow inmates.