S1 episode 2 Aired on November 4, 2014

Being forced to downsize to a smaller apartment is a bummer for Nina.

Then Burt announces it’s time to beg for money from rich people to keep the office running.

Phil explains to Nina that the people who attend the fundraiser are “jagbags.”

Nina lobbies Burt to let her give the speech because she used to be a jagbag (and secretly wants to be one again).

Meanwhile, Cheryl asks Nina for her tips for landing a “Trent” but the voice inside her head is not exactly encouraging.

Nina confesses to Debbie how much she wants to give the speech so she can get back into corporate law.

At the Keely Foundation Fundraiser Gala, Carlos justifies eating so many crab cakes.

Then Nina unexpectedly meets Trent’s new fiancée, throwing her off her game.

Nina ditches her original speech and comes clean about her true motivation, sealing her exile from corporate law.