Brief Encounters
S1 episode 12 Aired on December 30, 2014

Nina wonders if her night with Trent was a dream.

Nina apologizes again to Phil for the whole PD of the Year award thing. He assures her that everything is cool.

Afterwards, Carlos asks if the thing between Phil and Nina is still happening. Phil says he’s not Nina’s type so he must’ve misread the signals.

After an encounter in the broom closet, Trent tells Nina they have to file papers to disclose their relationship if they want to make it official.

As Nina ponders this, she tells Cheryl and Carlos that she’s helping her friend “Penny” decide whether or not to go public about getting back together with her ex.

Nina’s argument is pretty convincing—especially to herself. But when it comes time to submit the form to the clerk’s office, Nina hesitates.

It’s Phil’s job to get Nina to show up to Don Guardo’s for the surprise party celebrating her PD of the Year win but Nina isn’t sure what to make of Phil’s invitation.

Nina tells Cheryl and Carlos that “Penny” suddenly has cold feet because she just got butterflies for another guy.

Nina lets Trent know that she’s having second thoughts. Old Nina wanted him so badly but she has grown and changed.

Phil admits to Morris that his lights were off until Nina walked in like a crazy train. Now they’re back on again.

Nina tells Phil she’s had a change of heart…about the drinks. She’s in.

But Donna the court clerk doesn’t rip up Nina’s form like she asked. Instead Donna gives it to Judge Nelson who immediately spreads the word.

Phil gets the same text, which makes him leave the party. Nina chases after him and asks him not to disappear.