Campaign Contributions
S1 episode 11 Aired on December 30, 2014

Nina wakes up feeling great for the first time in forever and suddenly realizes she’s completely over Trent.

Her feeling of liberation doesn’t waver even when Trent tells her that his wedding plans are on hold.

Phil is on the shortlist for L.A. Public Defender of the Year but Nina doesn’t understand why he won’t lobby for it. He says he can’t fake ass kissing.

Nina volunteers to be his campaign manager. She recommends he think of schmoozing the secret committee members like picking up girls.

Phil’s “competish” Mitch is so annoying that he decides to let Nina help him, but not because of what she said about “life” and “trying.”

First order of business: make the rounds to a stuffy private club where the secret committee members hang out.

Phil begins to think Nina is trying to turn him into a miniature version of Trent.

She actually thinks he deserves it because he’s one of the best lawyers she knows—and one of the best people she knows.

Phil tells Carlos that he actually enjoyed their night of schmoozing because Nina helped him feel okay in a fancy world he doesn’t belong in.

Turns out that Nina’s campaigning helped someone other than Phil.

And Trent was the one who put Nina in the running.

Nina apologizes profusely to Phil and tries to convince him that she genuinely wanted him to win but he says she was helping herself all along.

That night, the knock at Nina’s door isn’t Phil coming to apologize.