Solitary Confinement
S1 episode 10 Aired on December 23, 2014

Nina’s having another wild weekend…on her couch with wine, ice cream and her DVR.

Nina’s not happy about running into Francine, a friend from law school who works at a big firm and is married to one of Trent’s friends.

Meanwhile, Judge Anne Marie Connor is sniffing around Carlos after hearing about his divorce. She understands what an emotional rollercoaster it can be.

Turns out that Francine is now divorced and living in a tiny apartment, too. She asks Nina about Phil. Nina says he’s a one-night stand kind of guy.

Judge Anne Marie sends Carlos a tie, but Carlos is confused about why she would do that.

Nina tells Phil that Francine is now a divorcee with zero standards and knows all about Phil’s rep but is still interested in going out with him.

To Nina’s surprise, Francine and Phil have a normal, nice first date. Now it’s Francine’s turn to set up Nina with her colleague, Harold.

Meanwhile Judge Anne Marie is not letting Carlos score any points in court…until he puts on the sex tie she gave him.

Nina and Francine decide to double date with Harold and Phil, but Harold doesn’t exactly put the best foot forward with Nina.

The date quickly goes from bad to worse.

And from worse to horrifyingly dreadful.

On Monday, Phil suggests he and Nina meet after work at a popular new restaurant, instead of their usual place, to go over a case.

Carlos takes heat from everyone about filing a complaint against Judge Connor—except Morris, who had it even worse.

After hearing what a disaster it turned out to be between Francine and Harold, Nina and Phil decide to keep things in the friend zone.