S1 episode 1 Aired on October 28, 2014

Nina is not having a good day, she finds out her ex-fiancé is already engaged to someone else after only three months…

…And then her co-worker gets promoted to partner instead of Nina because she has better breasts.

But So naturally, there’s only one thing for Nina to do.

And she delivers the best parting shot ever.

But she quickly learns that people will not be very sympathetic that she now has to work with her ex in her new job as a public defender.

Then Micah the intern gives Nina a majorly effective pep talk and convinces her to stay.

Or a noontime cocktail ought to turn those gray skies blue. Usually works for Phil.

But for Nina, winning means finally slipping one past the goalie, a.k.a. her smug ex, Trent.