played by Carter MacIntyre
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Character Bio

Trent is Nina’s dashing, ambitious and unapologetic ex fiancé, who now finds himself going head-to-head with Nina as a prosecuting attorney. He’s a classic golden boy on the road to being very successful in his law career and possibly public office, with a beautiful new fiancée by his side. However Nina’s presence seems to be derailing both his professional and romantic plans. As she becomes more emboldened to call him out whenever he’s being manipulative or inauthentic, she inadvertently helps him become a better person. 

Carter MacIntyre stars as Trent, Nina’s (Eliza Coupe, “Happy Endings”) ex- fiancé and professional nemesis, in USA’s new comedy “Benched.” 

MacIntyre is perhaps best known for his role in “Undercovers,” directed and produced by JJ Abrams.   His additional film credits include a starring role in the independent film “The Wrong Woman,” as well as the short film “When You Find Me,” directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.  

His television credits include a starring role in “Drop Dead Diva” and recurring roles on “Private Practice,” “Mixology” and  “The Tomorrow People.”