Dolph Ziggler

Height: 6 foot 0
Weight: 223 pounds
From: Hollywood, Florida
Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion; Intercontinental Champion

Since making his debut on Raw, this aggressive young Superstar has made certain that every ring warrior on the roster knows his name. For weeks leading up to his first match he would approach Superstars and Divas alike in the locker room area with what has since become a familiar refrain: "Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler."

With his slicked-back blond hair, impressive physique and cocksure attitude, Ziggler gives off the aura of an athlete who knows exactly what he's doing. The young Superstar makes use of his impressive amateur wrestling background (during which he won more matches than anyone in Kent State University's history) to ensure that for years to come, the WWE Universe will remember the name of Dolph Ziggler.