The deal is this: John Cena wants a piece of Brock Lesnar, and if he doesn’t get it, Paul Heyman is the one who will pay the price. The Cenation leader conveyed as much during Heyman’s final missive before Night of Champions, threatening the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s advocate with severe bodily harm should The Conqueror get cold feet. He even gave Lesnar a time frame to emerge from his lair: He had until “halftime,” or halfway through the show. The clock is on.

It’s rare that Brock Lesnar breaks his code and fights for free. But when he does? He really, really goes for it. John Cena poked The Beast Incarnate with the sting of a thousand insults, even going so far as to threaten Paul Heyman with a beating should Lesnar refuse to answer his call. Heyman yet again attempted to goad Cena into abandoning his principles for an outright beating. Just as he did last week, Cena refused to give in to the whims of The One Behind the One in 21-1 ... until Heyman took things one step too far and caught a shove for his troubles. Right on cue, The Anomaly made his entrance and took the fight to his No. 1 contender, though he was met in such a brutal fashion by Cena that WWE security was summoned to separate the two.

So much for brains over brawn. The self-described creator of The Shield got a taste of its resident annihilator when Seth Rollins went head-to-head with Roman Reigns for the first time ever on Raw. And for a Superstar who was supposedly familiar with everything Reigns was capable of, Rollins was surprisingly cavalier when it came to his game plan against a man who has become one of WWE’s fastest-rising Superstars.

Rollins did get his licks in here and there. An early strike to the face left The Big Dog with a bloody nose, and The Aerialist wisely dodged both his former tag-team partner’s leaping dropkick on the apron and the Spear, following the latter up with a superkick to Reigns’ chin. Rollins’ offense continued apace for several minutes, but an overly ambitious attempt at a Curb Stomp to the still-standing Roman proved his decisive mistake when Reigns took off, ricocheted off the ropes and dropped Rollins with the Spear.

If you’re going to rally America, it helps to have The World’s Strongest Man as your champion. Few men are uniquely as qualified to lead the homeland as Mark Henry, a former Olympian whose bona fides speak for themselves and whose passion for his country knows no bounds. Henry wasn’t about to get through his “Rally for America” without an interruption by Lana and Rusev, though. Henry attempted to counter by leading the Pledge of Allegiance and The Super Athlete responded with punishment. Yet Rusev severely underestimated whom he was dealing with. Henry refused to be crushed and powered his way out of the Accolade before sending Rusev tumbling from the ring. Indeed, that’s what he does.

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