Perhaps this display was convincing enough. Since Triple H was seemingly on the fence about John Cena remaining No. 1 contender to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, the COO orchestrated a Six-Man Tag between his Authority henchmen and three fan favorites to determine The Beast’s best-for-business opponent.

Each man in the match acquitted himself well, particularly Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins was no slouch either, working in tandem with Kane to keep Reigns at bay. Jericho nearly tapped Rollins out with the Walls of Jericho in the midst of the evening’s first six-way brawl (another would follow moments later). And Cena, of course, was the X-factor, tagging in late in the game and felling Kane with the Attitude Adjustment. The Cenation leader was so confident in his display that he allowed Reigns to finish the job with a Spear, promising Triple H face-to-face moments later that he was ready for Lesnar at Night of Champions.

Stand at attention, WWE Universe: The advocate for the destructor himself is on the scene. In advance of Brock Lesnar’s rematch with John Cena at Night of Champions, Paul Heyman returned to Raw to lecture the Universe on the former champion’s “over-compensatory behavior” leading up to Round Two. In Heyman’s reasoning, Cena’s blazing confidence over the last couple of weeks isn’t simply bravado; it’s Cena attempting to save face following his “emasculation” at the hands of The Beast at SummerSlam. And as far as Heyman is concerned, nothing less than further victimization awaits the false confidence of the Cenation leader when he faces the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Technically, yes, Rusev just won Mark Henry a match. It’s doubtful The World’s Strongest Man will be sending his Russian rival a basket of chocolates anytime soon, though. It was a disqualification win brought on by a burst of aggression from The Super Athlete in the midst of a titanic clash that had the WWE Universe on the edge of its seat. The participants — all combined 1,427 pounds of them — were Henry & Big Show and Luke Harper & Erick Rowan, who were still hungry for a win over the two giants.

The Wyatts were, in fact, controlling their enormous opponents when Rusev made his presence known atop the ramp, adding a general feeling of unease to the match. By the time Henry tagged in against Harper in the match’s final moments, Rusev had grown restless and kicked the former World Champion square in the face right when Henry had Harper up for the World’s Strongest Slam.

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