Having been brutalized by Brock Lesnar, John Cena faced, perhaps, his second-worst challenge of the past month: a grilling from a council of WWE Hall of Famers. In the midst of preparing for his rematch against The Beast Incarnate at Night of Champions, Cena was forced to listen to less-than-favorable analysis from Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels – Hulk Hogan was his lone advocate of the forum. When the Cenation leader did make his entrance, he offered a respectful but forceful rebuttal to the Hall of Famers’ hot take. When all was said and done, Cena left the Legends with a promise that he would return the beating he was given at SummerSlam.

It’s been a week since Dean Ambrose was Curb Stomped through a pile of cinderblocks and there’s still been no sign of the former U.S. Champion, so of course Seth Rollins and Kane took a moment on Raw to proclaim no less than Ambrose’s untimely demise at their hands. Proclaiming himself as the ultimate destroyer of The Shield proved a tad premature for Rollins, however, as Roman Reigns was quick to step up to the plate, attacking both his former “brother” and The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations in an attempt to finish what Ambrose started. That Kane saved Rollins at the last second says a lot about how close Reigns came to doing so.

Contrary to the song, authority doesn’t always win. But Authority certainly won on Raw when Seth Rollins & Kane teamed up to decimate Roman Reigns in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match for which The Big Dog found himself unexpectedly overmatched. Despite an early burst that sent Kane tumbling and Rollins all but begging for mercy, Reigns didn’t exactly take away The Authority’s two weapons. A double-team from Kane & Rollins (shades, ironically, of The Shield) put Reigns on the defensive. The former Tag Team Champion reclaimed enough momentum to drop Kane with a Spear, but Rollins’ subsequent attack with his Money in the Bank briefcase ended the match via disqualification.

The subsequent two-on-one beating softened Reigns up for a potential Curb Stomp through another pile of cinderblocks – yeesh – but Reigns fought back to escape, narrowly crushing Rollins’ head by throwing one of the cinder blocks straight at The Aerialist’s head. He missed. He might not next time.

Perhaps John Cena’s shell isn’t as cracked as Bray Wyatt thinks. The longtime rivals met on Raw and despite The Eater of Worlds’ promise to finish Cena off once and for all, the 15-time World Champion made Wyatt eat his words. Sending a message to the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Cena sent Wyatt airborne with several suplexes and laid such a beating on him that Luke Harper & Erick Rowan had to interfere. Reinforcements for Cena soon arrived in the form of Big Show & Mark Henry, and by the time order was restored, the match has been reconfigured into a Six-Man Tag by The Authority.

The Wyatts do not go quietly into defeat, but when faced with the largest team on the planet and a former World Champion looking to send a message, defeat is all but inevitable. For the majority of the match, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan continued their rivalry with Big Show & Mark Henry, with the swamp giants teeing off in tandem against the two former World Heavyweight Champions.

Bray Wyatt seemed more interested in celebrating his magnificence than capitalizing after Big Show was all but dispatched, and suffered a chokeslam in response. Cena entered off Show’s tag and quickly tapped out Harper with the STF, though he had time for a few more messages. Specifically, Attitude Adjustments to each member of The Wyatt Family.

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