Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 291 pounds
From: Sin City
Signature Move: Shell Shocked

If the measure of a man is what he does with power, then measuring the capabilities of a Superstar as commanding as Ryback may prove difficult.

Crushing his opponents with palpable intensity, the 6-foot-3, 291-pound monster has the strength and focus of an android that was designed to annihilate. Ryback approaches every challenge with brute force and a no-nonsense demeanor that exudes supreme confidence in his own abilities. He doesn't just possess the skills to destroy a rival at any time - he carries himself as if that result is never in doubt.

One only needs to observe how Ryback's fellow Superstars study him to understand his ruthless reputation. They stare in awe as if they're watching disaster footage, looking on in shock as Ryback's ferocity both impresses them and leaves them fearful of being his next target.

How can anyone measure such an intimidating beast in comparison to the rest of his WWE competition? Few words may deem suitable as he starts to make his mark in the ring by leaving a long line of battered opponents in his wake. And after coming to the rescue of three WWE luminaries in Mick Foley, Jim Ross and WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, the fledgling behemoth proved his intimidating presence can make any competitor back down - including WWE Champion CM Punk.

At Hell in a Cell, Ryback had the WWE Champion trapped inside the massive structure. The hulking Superstar threw CM Punk around the ring and into the cage at will. Ryback looked to have the title won with CM Punk in position to be Shell Shocked, when referee Brad Maddox delivered a low blow to the monstrous challenger and fast-counted to help CM Punk retain his championship.

The referee's dirty dealings set Ryback off on a rage, as he viciously attacked Maddox, launching him out of the ring and into the massive cage. He didn't stop there, as he chased CM Punk to the top of Hell in a Cell, where Ryback finally Shell Shocked the champion.

Still brimming with rage, the fledgling brute now looks to satiate his appetite for destruction at Survivor Series. Will Ryback feed his need to destroy the competition at the upcoming pay-per-view when he steps into the ring against CM Punk and John Cena with the WWE Title on the line?