Kofi Kingston

Weight: 225 pounds
From: Jamaica
WWE Debut: Jan. 22, 2008

Hailing from the tropical climate of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaican Superstar Kofi Kingston brings unique in-ring abilities, style and lingo to Raw.

For weeks, WWE fans were offered a glimpse into Kingston's island paradise where the vibrant Superstar took troublesome matters into his own capable hands. Mixing it up with his lightning quick arsenal while maintaining his bright, amiable smile, Kofi undoubtedly made ECW his own private Island of the Extreme.

Kofi has engaged in a series matches against Shelton Benjamin as of late. Although he had done incredibly well in them, Benjamin is responsible for giving Kingston's his first loss in WWE. Rather than slowing him down, this has only inspired Kofi to work harder and do ever better in the future.

The day after defeating ECW's Gold Standard in an Extreme Rules Match, Kofi Kingston was randomly drafted to Raw in the Supplemental Draft on June 25. The Jamaican Superstar will now be looking to make an impact on Monday nights.