Bray Wyatt

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 285 lbs.
Signature Move: Sister Abigail


The Superstar known as Bray Wyatt seems to have stepped out of the collective population’s nightmares and into our reality. A man shrouded in mystique, not much is known about the apparent head of the Wyatt Family – other than he seems to have a mission to bring his macabre vision to WWE.

For several weeks, the utterly creepy vignettes that heralded Wyatt’s emergence suggested that he aims to lead his followers in search of some sort of a higher purpose. And from the moment he set foot in WWE, Wyatt did not disappoint, exuding an eerie and dangerous presence as he offered a very succinct message to all his opposition: “Run!”

Whether watching from a rocking chair at ringside, interjecting his ruthless brand of intimidation into the matches of his family members Erick Rowan and Luke Harper or introducing various Superstars to Sister Abigail, Bray is clearly out to make a definitive impression on the squared circle.

The WWE Universe was left in an absolute state of shock when former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan requested that Wyatt allow him to join The Wyatt Family! But, this past Monday, The Beard again stood up to Wyatt and hit The Eater of Worlds with the running knee heard around the world. Still, if the head of creepy faction has anything to say about it, that will surely not be the final word on the matter.

It's clear that The Wyatt Family's path of destruction has made it clear that absolutely no Superstar is safe. Follow the buzzards.