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Posted on 03/16/2018

USA Network announced today that its acclaimed drama The Sinner will return for a second limited season in Summer 2018. Find out more about Det. Harry Ambrose's (Bill Pullman) next "why-dunnit"...

Posted on 12/11/2017

Congratulations to Jessica Biel and The Sinner for earning two Golden Globe nominations on Monday. Read more!

Posted on 09/26/2017

If you were one of the 4.7 million viewers to watch the final episode of The Sinner, then you know it was one of the year's must-see series. See how The Sinner slayed in the ratings, becoming cable's #1 new show of 2017!

Posted on 09/15/2017

Jessica Biel, star and executive producer of USA Network's hit limited series The Sinner, appeared on Ellen Thursday, where the actress made the greatest entrance in the talk show's history. Seriously, you need to see this!

Posted on 09/07/2017

Here you can find a chronological breakdown of everything that’s happened to Cora so far in The Sinner -- from her childhood with an increasingly ill Phoebe, to meeting J.D., to all the events that lead her to that day on the beach, where she fatally stabs Frankie Belmont. Dive in!

Posted on 08/22/2017

Every episode of The Sinner leaves us wanting more -- more Cora, more Mason, more Ambrose, more answers! With the plot thickening week over week, fans are taking to Twitter to pose why she did it. Here are some of the working fan theories as we prepare for the next episode, "Part IV," -- the halfway point to when all will be explained!

Posted on 08/16/2017

Cora's mystery may be at the center of The Sinner, but she has left a fair amount of other uncertainties in the wake of her crime. With Cora's family in crisis, USA Network spoke with Sinner showrunner Derek Simonds and also director Antonio Campos to find out what's in store with Christopher Abbot's character, Mason Tannetti, this season. Here's what we learned.

Posted on 08/14/2017

With an average of 3.5 million viewers over its first two episodes, The Sinner is now the #1 new cable series of 2017.

Posted on 08/09/2017

In the final moments of the second episode of The Sinner, Det. Harry Ambrose makes a startling revelation. Take a closer look at Cora's case file and see for yourself! [Warning: Contains spoilers for The Sinner 102]

Posted on 08/09/2017

Jessica Biel, star of USA Network's hit limited series The Sinner, took to Reddit on Wednesday to talk about her new show -- and anything else people wanted to ask her! Here are our favorite moments from Jessica's AMA!