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Posted on 09/19/2018

Purge Night is a nightmare. No one is safe from the terror, from the possibility that they might reach their sudden, unceremonious, and gruesome demise. Check out the top moments from The Purge episode 103, “The Urge To Purge.

Posted on 09/11/2018

In episode two of The Purge, the stakes rise for each of the main characters. Purge Night continues to produce new surprises. Check out the top moments from The Purge episode 102, “Take What's Yours.

Posted on 09/05/2018

There is no shortage of action in the first episode of The Purge. Each of the main characters comes face-to-face with violence in one form or another. No one is scarred more than Penelope, who bears witness to a brutal murder that may foreshadow her own. Check out the top moments from The Purge episode 101, “What Is America?

Posted on 08/20/2018

While many decide to lock down and hide during the Purge, others with more sinister intentions choose to brave the annual mayhem. With the premiere of The Purge TV series mere weeks away, check out the top five reasons to participate on Purge Night, according to the films.

Posted on 08/13/2018

Blumhouse is about to have their first crossover with The Purge on USA Network. The Purge franchise is already four hit movies strong, each telling the story of a night where America has made all crime legal. Now you’ll get a 10-part TV series of The Purge beginning Sept. 4. But first, look at the eight ways Blumhouse has reinvented horror.

Posted on 07/24/2018

The commencement of The Purge officially began at San Diego Comic-Con, where USA Network and Blumhouse Entertainment assembled the cast and creators of the hit horror franchise and upcoming television series to offer an exclusive look at how the Purge universe is growing and evolving, and what to expect from the 10-hour event series heading to USA this year.

Posted on 07/18/2018

Prepare for The Purge! USA Network is bringing an immersive "Purge City" emporium to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend!

Posted on 06/28/2018

The Purge will premiere Tuesday, September 4 at 10/9c on USA Network.

Posted on 05/10/2018

This is not a test: USA Network's The Purge has begun -- filming in New Orleans, that is!

Posted on 04/25/2018

William Baldwin (BackdraftSliverGossip Girl) has been cast in The Purge TV series, the newest chapter from the blockbuster franchise about 12 hours of utter lawlessness, coming to USA Network!