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Sailing has been Robert Capita's passion ever since his father first introduced him to the sport as a child. On track to be part of the U.S. Olympic team until the U.S. boycott of the 1980 games, Bob was pressured by his father to give up his sailing ambitions and turn to more practical work, creating a rift between the two that they never managed to heal.

Though in recent years he has focused his energies on spending time with his own son and running the non-profit founded by his late father, Bob's true passion is still sailing. And now he's getting the chance to revisit it, training under his new mentor, America's Cup winner and Hall of Fame sailor Gary Jobson. After an intense few weeks with Gary, Bob will show off his skills skippering an America's Cup class yacht for a chance to make the gig a permanent one. But if Bob chooses the sailing life again, he'll need to be prepared for the changes that would bring to his family-changes that would mean a lot more time at sea, and a lot less time spent with his son.

Hopeful Update: 

After winning a nail-biting race as skipper of the Northern Light, Bob received an offer to become the captain of the vessel, sailing for Seascope Yacht Charters in Newport, RI. Thrilled by the opportunity, Bob accepted the job and moved to Rhode Island with his family to begin the 2013 summer sailing season and the career of his dreams.

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For anyone who believes in second chances comes USA Network's new unscripted original series The Moment. Hosted by legendary NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, The Moment will give ordinary Americans the opportunity to realize their dreams and rewrite their life stories.

Each week, Kurt will surprise one nominee with a unique offer: a second chance to pursue the career they've always dreamed of, from race car driver to costume designer to sports photographer. Traveling far from their homes and families to pursue their calling under the guidance of expert mentors, each hopeful will prepare for the interview of a lifetime. In the end, they will find out whether they still have what it takes to pursue this career or if they've been living their dream life all along.

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