The tension in the guys’s camp finally boils over when Class Clown Chris returns from the chopping block for a second time.  Cowboy Cameron tries to mend fences, but for Chris it’s too little, too late. 

Meanwhile, Brooke the Model and Firefighter Moises are each elected counselor. That night at the Super Sexy Pajama Party social, a game of Never-Have-I-Ever becomes a series of increasingly naughty dares, and Chuck the Nerd brings Geek Girl Melinda back to the bunk for a little one on one time.  Elsewhere, cleaning toilets on chore duty becomes an unlikely first date for Cameron and Mean Girl Lauren.

The next day, all that loving feeling is put aside for a color war scavenger hunt.  Chris tries to slow things down by faking a twisted ankle, but the guys still manage to bank the win.  While the guys raise their victory flag once again, Brooke the Model must weigh her friendship with Pageant Queen Isis against Isis’s horrible showing in the color war.  In the end, Isis and Melinda are banished, but it’s Melinda who is left feeling betrayed.  Melinda plays the pity card to gain the sympathy of the guys, but will it be enough to fight off elimination for a second time?

About Summer Camp

SUMMER CAMP: From Emmy®-Award winning producer Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan (“Big Brother”) and Fly on the Wall Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television, this fun-filled and escapist series sends die-hard campers back to the most cherished place of their youth for the thrill of a lifetime. In SUMMER CAMP, viewers will meet an eclectic group of 16 adults from all walks of life – from the fanatic hunter to the former nerd-turned-supermodel to the vegan yoga instructor. Campers will pack their bags and head to an idyllic lakeside retreat, where they will indulge in over-to-top competitions inspired by classic camp games. At the end of the summer, the remaining competitors face off in the “Campathalon,” an ultimate Olympic style event. Premieres in July.

Cast & Crew

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