Everybody Hates Chris
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 26, 2013

With only one color war remaining, Class Clown Chris knows his best hope for survival is being elected camp counselor, but he doesn’t realize just how badly the guys want him gone. 

Brooke the Model and Firefighter Moises are both elected counselor again.  Later, as the “sexy six” enjoy a Boat Ride Champagne Social, the girls make the guys an intriguing offer: throw the next color war, and they’ll send Chris packing.

Meanwhile, Chris does some scheming of his own during chore duty, but his plan backfires when Mikey the Smart Ass and Chuck the Nerd overhear him sucking up to Michelle the Bodybuilder.  Chris decides to come clean to his team, and while he isn’t forgiven, his apology is enough to make Moises and Cowboy Cameron give in to their competitive natures and go back on their deal with the girls.

The next day, Moises and Cameron go big at the fishing-themed color war, but their plan backfires when a single mistake costs the guys the win.  Moises makes the strategic decision to banish Broadway Kyle, in the hope that he’ll convince the girls that the guys held up their end of the deal.  But while the girls see through the lie, the strain of having to choose between Chris and their good friend Kyle threatens to tear the team apart…