Secret Pact
S1 episode 6 Aired on August 19, 2013

Returned from banishment for a second time, Geek Girl Melinda tries to spin her pity play as strategic maneuvering, but some, including Michelle the Bodybuilder, see it as being thrown under the bus.

Cowboy Cameron and Michelle are both voted counselor.  That night, the campers strut their stuff at the Talent Show Social, and Broadway Kyle takes top prize with his camp song.  Later that night, Mean Girl Lauren and Michelle make a pact with Firefighter Moises and Cameron to get rid of both Class Clown Chris and Melinda, and the two couples seal it with more than a few kisses.

The next day brings an Off-road Adventure Color War that tests driving and gear-packing skills, and while the competition is fierce, the guys narrowly squeak by.  With no clear weak link in the color war, Michelle seizes her moment to get rid of Melinda, but she must also banish her friend Lauren.  Up for elimination for a third time, Melinda chooses honesty, while Lauren reminds the guys of her value.  The question is, will the guys honor their pact with Lauren, or would they rather send Melinda back to stir things up in the girls’s camp once again?