Truth or Dare
S1 episode 4 Aired on August 5, 2013

Fresh off their first victory, the girls are reinvigorated, while the division in the guys camp continues to deepen. 

Meanwhile, Cowboy Cameron and Mean Girl Lauren are excited to be elected counselors, but the real thrill comes that night when they share their first kiss at the campfire-themed social during an impromptu game of truth or dare.  The classic sleepover game kick starts an intense camp bonding session, but the next day friendships are once again put aside as Host Matt Rogers introduces a swim test themed color war that adds puzzles to the usual feats of aquatic ability.  The guys take to the water with gusto, but when Justin the Hunter pulls up puzzle-stumped, the ladies cruise through to a win and raise their victory flag for the second week in a row.

In light of his team’s performance in the color war, Cameron feels the pressure to reevaluate his “core four” alliance and Justin gets a surprise walk to the girls cabin alongside a very angry Class Clown Chris.  But while Chris’s toxic attitude has the girls itching to send him home, especially after Justin reveals his heartbreaking tale of woe, the promise of the quarter million may trump their personal feelings…