Spin The Bottle
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 25, 2013

On the heels of Country Girl Erin’s elimination, the next day sees Justin the Hunter and Rachel the Yogi in the counselor spots.  It’s a situation that leaves Military Mike, who enjoys a solid bond with Justin, feeling pretty good.  Meanwhile, Pageant Queen Isis decides to strike back in the prank war with the guys by pulling her own personal panty raid.  Class Clown Chris also has payback on his mind as he toys with the idea of throwing a game to get rid of some of his teammates that Mike’s bad will campaign has turned against him.

Later, a lucky few cut a rug at the sweetheart dance while the others wash cars, and Chuck the Nerd and Melinda are crowned Sweethearts of the Summer.  But the next day finds the campers back in the competitive spirit, and after a few breathing exercises, Rachel leads the girls to victory in a spin the bottle themed color war, with an assist from a scheming Chris.

The girls savor sweet success as they raise their victory flag, but the prospect of their first banishment has the guys turning on each other.  To Mike’s bitter surprise, he soon finds himself packing his bag right alongside his nemesis Chris.  The question is, will Mike’s good standing with the ladies give him a chance to go back and seek revenge on those that stabbed him in the back, or will he be done in by Chris’s savvy game playing?