S'more Drama
S1 episode 2 Aired on July 18, 2013

The guys continue to revel in their week one victory, but when they learn their unanimous decision to send Meghan the Flirt home was marred by a single vote for Mean Girl Lauren, it creates a rift that slowly pushes Class Clown Chris to the outside of the group.

Soon, a new day dawns, and with it comes a new vote for camp counselor.  While Broadway Kyle’s earns his team’s vote, the girls are split between Pageant Queen Isis and Country Girl Erin, leaving last week’s counselor Brooke the Model to break the tie.  Isis pushes for the win and gets what she wants, but she regrets it the next day when Host Mike Hodges announces a new wrinkle: from now on there will only be a limited number of tickets to each camp social.  Isis and Kyle are stuck in the uncomfortable position of having to choose which campers from their group will luau the night away, and who will be stuck sneaking peaks at the fun while they do chores.

The next day brings a S’mores-themed color war that leaves campers clinging to giant marshmallows.  While Lauren feels the pressure to deliver what she promised to the guys, Chuck the Nerd leads his team to a win for the second time in a row.  As the guys hoist their victory flag, Isis weighs performance versus friendships and winds up sending Geek Girl Melinda and a royally pissed Erin to the guys bunks for elimination.  The question is, will the guys be won over by Melinda’s honesty, or will the possibility of sending an angry Erin back to her team be too intriguing to pass up?