Welcome To Summer Camp
S1 episode 1 Aired on July 11, 2013

It’s the first day of Summer Camp, and the mood is electric as the eight girls and eight guys who will take part in this special adventure arrive.  But the campers have only a moment to size each other up before host Mike Hodges breaks the news that this won’t be an ordinary camp experience; this will be a battle of the sexes for a quarter of a million dollars!

After heading to their cabins, the campers cut loose at their first social, but Mike soon calls them to the campfire to discuss serious business. Each camp must elect a camp counselor for the week to lead them in the color war challenge.  But while leadership has it’s privileges (like immunity), the counselor of the losing team will have to choose two players from their group to be banished.  The other camp will then decide which exile will return to their team, and which will leave the game for good.  After much deliberation, Justin the Hunter and Brooke the Model are chosen as counselors, but not everyone is happy about it as they bed down for the night.

The next morning, the campers head down to the lake for their first color war, a canoe paddling challenge.  The twist? Each counselor will select the opposing team’s paddlers.  Naturally, both Brooke and Justin choose the campers that they assume will be the weakest paddlers.  But looks can be deceiving, and Chuck, holder of Rowing, Canoeing and Kayaking eagle scout merit badges, leads the guys team to victory.

Back at camp the guys raise their flag and revel in their win, while tension descends on the girls camp as Brooke contemplates who to banish to the guys bunk.  In the end, flirty Meghan and Mean Girl Lauren are sent away, a fact that does not sit well with Lauren.  Now, with the ultimate decision of who stays and who goes resting with the guys, Meghan and Lauren must plead their case to their opponents.  But Lauren isn’t ready to call it quits just yet, nor is she ready to forgive the team that she believes sold her out…