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Posted on 11/30/2017

As we count down to the end of the year, one thing's for sure: it's time to get LITT UP! Download the official Louis Litt 2018 calendar: Louis Litt, Movie Star!

Posted on 11/28/2017

Following the news of Meghan Markle's engagement to Prince Harry, the beloved Suits star will depart from USA's legal drama at the end of season seven, which returns to the network in early 2018.

Posted on 11/16/2017

Ever ask yourself, 'What would Harvey Specter do?' Well, lucky for you, we've compiled some of Harvey's most inspirational quotes! So whether you want to be the next best closer in New York City -- or just an all-around badass person, take a look at some of Harvey Specter's greatest lines from Suits!

Posted on 11/07/2017

The firm now known as Pearson Specter Litt has seen a lot of changes over the years -- including the names on the wall. How many times has the company’s name actually changed? Here’s a refresher on the firm’s different incarnations, how they came to be, and who was involved.

Posted on 10/25/2017

Happy Halloween, Suitors (or should we say, Boo-tors)! Check out our zombified cast of Suits. Admit it -- no amount of undead-ed-ness can take away from their enviable style.

Posted on 09/21/2017

Hey Suitors, the return of Will & Grace has us thinking about another twosome for the ages: namely, Harvey and Mike. See, their partnership may be unlikely on paper, but these two have beat the odds to become the most ass-kicking legal team on TV. So what’s their secret? How’d they find the keys to partnership perfection? We’ve got a few ideas…nine, actually.

Posted on 09/15/2017

In an interview with, Suits creator Aaron Korsh breaks down THAT scene and what it means for Donna and Harvey in the next six episodes, coming to USA this January!

Posted on 09/14/2017

[Warning: Contains spoilers for Suits 710] Well, Suitors, everyone who was looking for something Donna/Harvey-related to latch on to found it in the Suits summer finale. Here's what the Twittersphere had to say about the latest Darvey development.

Posted on 09/14/2017

The summer finale brought some serious top moment heat, but let’s be honest: there’s only one scene that every Suitor worth their salt is going to be talking about well into the middle of next winter. So without further ado, here’s our list of the top scenes from episode 710, “Donna.” 

Posted on 09/12/2017

We all know that the inimitable Harvey Specter can walk into any room and take instant command of the situation, but what about his real-life counterpart, actor Gabriel Macht? If this clip from Tuesday's Live With Kelly & Ryan is any indication, Macht knows how to make an entrance wherever he is -- and it's even more true when there's a tango involved.