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Posted on 10/18/2016

Ahhh, the office romance. Is anything more predictable? Not when it happens within the halls of Pearson, Specter LItt! Take it from Harvey, Mike, Donna, Rachel, Jessica -- and, yes, even Louis -- there is an art to getting cozy with a co-worker. Just take a look at the Suits guide to cubicle canoodling!

Posted on 10/10/2016

'Tis the season for arguing, which is why we're flashing back to one of our favorite Mike v. Harvey moments from season three of Suits, "Unfinished Business," starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.

Posted on 09/30/2016

He may have only 24 posts, but Gabriel Macht's account is one of the most mesmerizing on Instagram. Check out these amazing videos from the real-life Harvey Specter -- a must for any Suits fan!

Posted on 09/29/2016

Try to think of an office without coffee to get through the day: it’s impossible. And on Suits, this is no exception. We’re positive that the lawyers of Pearson Spector Litt would be celebrating National Coffee Day — from hitting up their favorite coffee cart, to enjoying their caffeine fix on the sweet side like Donna. Learn the unofficial rules for enjoying coffee at work from the Suits crew.

Posted on 09/28/2016

Calling all Scottie fans! Abigail Spencer’s new show Timeless is coming to NBC this fall! To celebrate the Oct. 3 premiere, we’re running down a list of our favorite Scottie moments: all those wonderful times when our girl Abigail made our hearts go pitter-pat -- or break into a million pieces. Such as...

Posted on 09/14/2016

In Wednesday's shocking summer finale, Suits said farewell to a beloved character. Warning: Contains Spoilers for Suits episode 610.

Posted on 09/14/2016

Everyone at Pearson Specter Litt can hold their own, but no one shuts it down quite like Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). Whether you stand up and cheer at her cutting lines, or siliently wish you had the guts to do things like the fiercest managing partner in New York City, we all respect what makes Jessica Jessica. While just about every episode of Suits has an epic Jessica moment, we've put together our 10 favorites, ranked in order of complete and utter badassery.

Posted on 09/14/2016

Everyone on Suits looks good. Damn good. From the men's Tom Ford duds to the ladies' to-die-for Prada heels, there's plenty to drool over every week. But no character is as impeccably styled as Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who has never worn the same thing twice. Take a look at her fashion from over the years -- not that you could ever forget it!

Posted on 09/08/2016

An extra-emotional episode of Suits shows Mike in serious danger, while Leonard Bailey gives us some serious feels. Relive the most buzzed-about moments from episode 609, “The Hand That Feeds You.”

Posted on 09/08/2016

[Warning: Contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Suits, "The Hand That Feeds You"] USA Network interviewed Patrick J. Adams about what's next for Mike, including his prospects as a lawyer and how he and Harvey feel about each other. Read what he said!