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Posted on 02/16/2017

Suits' Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty dodged New York's chilly winter weather, opting instead for a press tour in Australia. Check out Instagram photos from their trip!

Posted on 02/16/2017

Hey Suitors, Mike’s supposed to be living his dream of helping those in need - - so why is his attempt to get the Velocity suit off the ground causing problems for everyone around him? Check out the top five moments from this week’s episode of Suits, “Admission of Guilt.”

Posted on 02/13/2017

Because you love Suits and because Suits loves you, we present 12 perfect e-cards for every situation this Valentine's Day! You can download the whole pack!

Posted on 02/12/2017

Let's be clear about something: Suits creator Aaron Korsh is well aware of the fans out there who would like to see Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) officially become a couple. Now, let's be clear about something else: we don't know what his plans are for the fate of #Darvey. But Korsh was cool enough to weigh the pros and cons of the possible love connection between one of TV's most "shipped" couples. Here's what we learned...

Posted on 02/09/2017

Digital Donnas, bromance banter, and lovable Louis — there’s so much going on, Suitors! Check out the top five moments from this week’s episode of Suits, “Teeth, Nose, Teeth.

Posted on 02/09/2017

Imagine! Your very own Donna Paulsen, in the palm of your hand! Now, don't get crazy. We're talking about 'The Donna,' a device created by Pearson, Specter, Litt's IT guy Benjamin (David Reale) that talks to you in Donna's voice (played by Sarah Rafferty) with all of her best lines. Think Siri, only a sassy redhead. Of course, Suitors loved the idea of 'The Donna' and took to Twitter to share their desire for a Donna of their own!

Posted on 02/06/2017

Hats off to Aaron Korsh, the creator and showrunner of Suits who has given us six seasons' worth of amazing characters. Thanks to him, plus a team of crack TV writers and, of course, the amazing cast who brings Suits to life, HarveyMikeDonna, JessicaRachel, and Louis feel like members of the family by now. USA Network chatted with Korsh about one character in particular to get his take on just what he likes about that Harvey Specter guy...

Posted on 02/02/2017

In a promotion for Universal's upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Sarah Rafferty gives a most glam endorsement. Take a look at her teases for Fifty Shades Darker, opening next Friday at theaters everywhere.

Posted on 02/02/2017

Must see moments abound this week, but lets get real - this one was all about Harvey reconciling with his mom. Check out the top five moments from this week’s episode of Suits, “The Painting” and read the full recap.

Posted on 02/01/2017

Suits star Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) appeared on Access Hollywood Live Wednesday to chat with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover about his recent wedding to Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario (yay!), what it was like to direct his co-stars on this season of Suits, and his reaction to Meghan Markle's recent link to a certain someone. As always, Patrick is a total charmer in this interview. Check it out!