Brian Czyk
played by Kevin Bigley
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More Easter Seals than Navy SEALS, Brian (Kevin Bigley) still lives with his parents, pinches pennies like a 75-year-old on a fixed income and really can’t handle his alcohol, which is probably why he ends up the butt of so many jokes.  But even though people rip on the guy, there’s something endearing about Brian’s wide-eyed naivete, can-do spirit and utter enthusiasm for the job. Just don’t get him started on his love of Rom-Coms and Hallmark movies of the week, unless you have an hour to kill. 

Recently, Brian started dating resident asexual (and all around kind of dark, scary person) Voodoo.  And while Brian will eagerly report that he and his special lady share a connection that goes beyond the physical, he’s starting to find that it’s tough to exist on a higher plane when your mind wants to wander down into the gutter.

Kevin Bigley stars as the rookie EMT Brian Czyk on USA Network’s hit comedy series SIRENS. 

Bigley was born in the small town of Yuba City, California and studied acting at DePaul University in Chicago. After graduation, Bigley stayed in Chicago to perform in a seven-month run of “Killer Joe” at Profiles Theatre, as well as “A Separate Piece” at Chicago's prestigious Steppenwolf Theater. 

While in Chicago, Bigley also shot the lead in the pilot “Firsts,” directed by Vince Vaughn. Bigley moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and was seen in the movie “Game Change” opposite Julianne Moore.  Other film and television credits include Joe Carnahan’s “Stretch,” “The Dilemma,” “Friday Night Dinner,” “Bones,” “CSI: Miami,” “Detroit 187,” “Matadors” and “The Chicago Code.”