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S1 EP3
Musa Qala
Aired on 11/29/2016
Available until 02/17/2017
Bob Lee reaches out to Nadine as he evades his pursuers, putting her on to the cop who took credit for his capture. Isaac juggles his double life as he tries to find Bob Lee.
S1 EP2
Aired on 11/22/2016
Available until 02/17/2017
Bob Lee struggles to protect his family from behind bars whileIsaac attempts to silence him. Nadine reaches out to Bob Lee’s wife, Julie, who deals with the backlash against her family.
S1 EP1
Point of Impact
Aired on 11/15/2016
Available until 02/17/2017
Highly-decorated war hero Bob Lee Swagger is recruited by his former Commander to prevent an assassination of the President.Meanwhile, FBI agent Nadine Memphis investigates potential assassins.