The asymmetrical strap says a wild "you Tarzan, me, Jane," while the green, blue and brown Pucci-esque print is a nod to Florida's high society. Here, her style walks the line between Miami's chichi cha-cha-cha crowd and a well-heeled jetsetter.
It takes a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off a white t-shirt with a lacy white bra peeking out from underneath, but Fiona executes the look with ease, pairing them with laid-back, relaxed-fit, stovepipe-legged jeans and a pair of high, strappy brown leather espadrilles... perfect for revving up the oomph factor in an otherwise girl-next-door ensemble. 
We love Fiona in her big, brown, circular Jackie O's. The dark shades' oversized shape complements her oval face and lends an air of mystery to her already furtive guise. So even when she's wearing an innocuous white, peasant sundress, she looks a bit like she's up to something borderline mischievous. 
Fiona can play a mean angelic, submissive girlfriend when she wants to: Between the delicately, prettily braided back hair, the sweet yellow, gray and white silk sundress and the precious closed-toe espadrilles, she almost had us fooled...until we realized all that lovey-dovey, flitting around the beach with Michael was just an act. 
Playing a misled gold-digger comes naturally to Fiona, who wears a Missoni-esque butterfly sleeved mini-dress-and gorgeous ringlet curls-with aplomb. The magenta, red, white and purple colors flatter her glistening Miami tan, and if you're not dizzied by the upside-down "V" design, you will be by her stunning figure. 
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