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S1 EP10
Bitter Sweet Symphony

Rush convinces Sarah to come away with him on a spontaneous romantic getaway. Just after she agrees, he receives shocking news from Eve. She shot J.P. Before they can decide what to do, J.P. calls and tells Rush that if he doesn’t treat his wound, he’ll go to the police. The doctor attends to J.P. but leaves him with a serious threat.

S1 EP9
Dirty Work

Rush comes to the aid of Rebecca Thomas, a teenager in the throes of labor. During delivery, he ignores a call from Warren. Though the child stops breathing, Rush performs an emergency procedure on the way to the hospital and saves its life.

S1 EP8
Get Lucky

Rush scores a jackpot payday when the superstitious Mr. Zhang hires him to be a good luck charm at a Pai gow poker table. But when he receives a surprising call from Sarah, Rush clears out, leaving Zhang in the lurch. Sarah wants to meet for lunch. Maybe it’s his lucky day? While Rush and Alex try to determine Sarah’s motive, Rush gets a call for the rapper Boss Nova. Remembering the free and exhilarating world he glimpsed while standing in for his best friend on a recent call, Alex convinces Rush to let him tag along.  At Boss Nova’s house, the doctors treat the rapper’s wound and score an invite to party later that night.

S1 EP7
Because I Got High

Rush is called away from a raucous party in his hotel room to save the life of Tyler Dougan, his rockstar childhood idol.

S1 EP6
You Spin Me Round

Rush enters a BDSM dungeon to meet with Mistress Kang. But the visit isn’t for his own pleasure; some erotic electro stimulation has caused a client’s heart to stop. After treatment, Rush calls Alex to make plans. Alex turns down the offer; he has a medical conference in El Segundo to attend. Rush decides to join him.

S1 EP5
Where Is My Mind?

Rush wakes from a horrifying nightmare about Corinne and Warren. Having just been reinstated at the hospital, Alex finds that Rush is struggling with anxiety and wants him to take the day off. Rush follows his friend’s advice and meets the gorgeous actress Jordana Rourke while lounging at the hotel pool. She invites him to a movie premiere. When Rush is jarred by a sudden vision of Corinne, he realizes he needs to keep himself busy.

S1 EP4
We Are Family

When a flock of wild animals prove too much for an unconventional couple with relationship woes, Rush calms the situation with a sedative and some counsel. Back at the hotel, Rush is troubled. Though the dinner with his father was a disaster, Warren still helped Alex. Later Rush receives a surprising call from his stepmother Corinne and reluctantly agrees to lunch, where they confess that neither of them ended up being what the other expected. Corinne wants to mend the rift between Rush and Warren for the sake of her daughter Lily.

S1 EP3
Learning To Fly

Surrounded by strippers, alcohol, and drugs, Rush feels at home as the designated doctor for a licentious bachelor party. Rush is about to pass out back at the hotel when Laurel arrives, livid and determined. She urges Rush to speak to his father about helping Alex. Rush promises to make the call. Rush hears from his old friend Max Zarella, an actor with a bad record. Max needs a doctor to sign him out of psychiatric hold so he can film the final scene of his movie. The onus is now on Rush to watch Max for the day and get him to the set in one piece by nightfall. 

S1 EP2
Don't Ask Me Why

Sarah’s rejection sends Rush off on a bender. After a weekend of hard partying, both the doctor and his car break down. Eve finds him passed out on the side of the road the next morning. Rush brushes off her concern and tasks her with fixing his Mercedes.