William P. Rush
played by Tom Ellis
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Will Rush (Tom Ellis) is a talented, bad boy doctor who caters to a special Los Angeles clientele. For those who want to keep their treatment hidden from the press or the law, Rush will make a house call… for the right price. Rush treats his patients with a masterful hand, and his personal demons with a litany of drugs. Style is important to the doctor who runs his chaotic concierge business out of a trendy hotel and a classic Mercedes. Though his moral compass may be tilted, his mantra is simple: treat anyone who pays. Rush believes he can stay emotionally detached from his patients. But can he always look the other way?

Tom Ellis stars as the title character, renegade physician Dr. William P. Rush, in the new USA drama from writer/director Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies”), “Rush.”A UK native, Ellis is best known for his roles on the hit comedy series “Miranda” and “Gates.”  Domestically, Ellis appeared in the 2013 pilot “Gothica” as Victor Frankenstein.  Ellis also starred in the 2012 BAFTA-winning Best Drama Series “The Fades” and “Life on Mars.”  He has also appeared on the cult hit “Doctor Who.” Ellis was born in Bangor, Wales, and currently resides in London.