Eve Parker
played by Sarah Habel
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Helping to keep Rush on track is his brilliant assistant Eve (Sarah Habel). When Rush is too busy resuscitating hookers or taking shots with billionaire playboys to pay attention to earthly things like car trouble or laundry, Eve steps in. She doesn’t just manage his calendar— she runs his life. A brilliant multitasker, Eve can inform a new client of Rush's unconventional policies while handing the doctor his morning Bloody Mary... all while writing a check to cover the hotel room he trashed last weekend. Eve is the pragmatic, functional Prius to Rush’s broken-down Mercedes. Despite her sharp-as-a-tack, take-no-crap attitude, Eve has a soft side. She tends to find herself more emotionally invested in patients than Rush. Eve is a protector, and she knows her boss isn’t invincible.

Sarah Habel stars as Eve, Rush’s (Tom Ellis) devoted assistant who does her best daily to keep him reined in and encourages him to clean up his act in USA Network’s medical drama “Rush.”

Habel’s film credits include “Deep Burial,” “Warren,” “Night of the Living Dead” and the indie feature “Unrequited.”  She previously starred as Daphne in the relationship dramedy series “Underemployed.”  Additional recent feature credits include the latest installment of the “Hostel” franchise and Drew Barrymore's director debut, “Whip It!”