Pins and Needles

With Milos behind bars, things start to go back to normal in the Hamptons. Boris, finally out of the shadows, moves back into Shadow Pond. This also means that Evan and Paige have to look for a new place to stay.  And while the threat of danger is now behind him, Boris still finds himself troubled by what’s befallen his cousin.

Hank and Jeremiah are caught in a prickly situation as they extricate a cactus from the neck of Felix, a florist with a gift for flowers but awkward in every other regard.  Felix only has eyes for Daisy, a Hamptons Heritage nurse. But after a sleep study reveals troubling results, Felix might not be seeing anything for much longer.

As Paige busies herself restoring Boris’ estate after the fake auction, Evan is on his own as the debate against Edwina Bowman looms. Throw into the mix Ally Cunningham, a political blogger who appears pro-Blythe Ballard, and Evan is in trouble.  He recruits Divya to help prep him for battle. The one-on-one time brings the two friends closer together, a fact that has Paige more than a little concerned.

Hank, still suffering pain from his surgery and running low on medication, returns to Jeremiah for a refill. Jeremiah hesitates, knowing it’s too soon for Hank to need more pills.  The two doctors find themselves at odds, Jeremiah wanting what’s best for his friend, but not sure what that is.

Production Notes

The Federal Prison Hospital where Milos is being kept is actually a remodeled and repainted Hamptons Heritage set.

Shelby’s acupuncture needles were not actually inserted into her face.  A special adhesive from the prosthetics department along with blending techniques from the makeup department made for a seamless experience.

Felix’s dream sequence where the vines overtake his body is entirely VFX’d.  The scene went through many iterations in post (more vines, less vines, let’s try bushes, etc) and several days of rendering before a perfect balance and believability was struck.

The women of the Red Hat Society should be very glad for their wide-brimmed chapeaus.  The scene shot in 100-degree weather in a place with very little shade!

The debate was filmed at Old Westbury Gardens, an estate in Long Island.  The gardens have also hosted other productions, most notably the Alfred Hitchcock thriller North By Northwest.

About Royal Pains

USA Network is proud to announce the return of the Hamptons' newest doctor-on-demand, Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein), in Royal Pains.

Once a rising star in the New York City medical community, Hank found himself out of work, dumped by his fiancée and out of options after a dustup with some hospital honchos. Fed up with Hank's personal pity-party, his younger brother, Evan (Paulo Costanzo), convinced Hank to join him on a last-minute trip to the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend. When the brothers crashed a party at the home of a Hamptons billionaire and a guest fell critically ill, Hank saved the day. His dramatic medical rescue drew attention from the crowd, and soon Hank's phone started ringing off the hook with patients wanting Hank to make house calls.

By the end of the weekend, HankMed was born. With Evan as the company's CFO and the whip-smart, ambitious Divya (Reshma Shetty) as Hank's physician's assistant, Hank becomes the Hamptons' new in-demand Doctor-for-Hire. News travels fast on the East End, especially when it's about a talented young doctor with MacGyver-like skills who makes house calls. But the rich and powerful aren't the only ones seeking out HankMed's services; there are plenty of less well-off locals who need his help, too, and he's more than happy to lend a hand.

But even with a few Hamptons summers already under their belts, things aren't going to be so easy for the HankMed team this time around. Hank is recovering from a life threatening injury, and might not be out of the woods just yet. Evan and Paige (Brooke D'Orsay) are newly married, but discovering that their honeymoon phase may already be over. Divya finds that choices she made over the winter will change her life forever. And HankMed's newest doctor, Jeremiah Sacani (Ben Shenkman) returns to find that his unrequited feelings for Divya are even stronger than before. All of these changes threaten the very existence of HankMed. And the mysterious circumstances surrounding Boris' death still hang in the air. So as summer heats up in the Hamptons, this season promises to be anything but a walk on the beach!

Cast & Crew