S7 EP8
Lending A Shoulder
Evan and Paige are excited about their upcoming adoption, but Evan worries Paige may be growing too close to the teenage birth mother, Elán. Divya grows concerned about her grandmother, who is suffering from pneumonia. Hank looks forward to his date with Greta, a marine biologist.
S7 EP7
Lama Trauma
Hank helps prep Boris’ patient, Rinpoche – an important and young Tibetan monk – for an upcoming surgery, but Hank soon discovers that Rinpoche may be sicker than he first thought. Boris asks Evan to make sure the hospital runs smoothly while Rinpoche is secretly preparing for surgery. Meanwhile, Prince Quami invites Divya to accompany him to Paris.
S7 EP6
Secret Asian Man
After Evan uncovers Boris’ secret plan for a patient of international import, Boris is forced to include him in his machinations, but Evan may be getting in over his head. Meanwhile, Hank and Divya worry about Jeremiah after his disappearance. Divya quickly realizes where Jeremiah may be hiding.
S7 EP5
Voices Carry
Hank travels to New York with Olympia for a romantic getaway and conference in the city. Meanwhile, Boris is anxious to put his secret plan for Hamptons Heritage into motion – the longer he and his foreign colleague wait, the greater the risk of a security breach. And Paige continues to oversee the renovations on her and Evan’s new home with their contractor, Gus.
S7 EP4
The Prince Of Nucleotides
While trying to get pregnant, Paige learns about a young teenager named Elán giving her unborn baby up for adoption and gets excited about the prospect of adopting. Paige and Evan meet Elán, but Elán doesn’t seem as excited about them as they are about her. Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Evan plan a gala fundraiser for the Rare and Orphan Diseases Lab. Finally, Divya does a favor for Prince Quami, who then asks her to accompany him to the gala.
S7 EP3
Playing Doctor
Evan settles into his role as interim hospital administrator of Hamptons Heritage and creates a video blog to update his staff. Meanwhile, Paige oversees renovations on their new home, but is dismayed to learn it may take longer than expected. Evan’s determined to get a start on their family after his surprising diagnosis, but Paige isn’t as eager while they live in the guesthouse.
S7 EP2
False Start
After their pregnancy scare, Evan and Paige decide they’re ready to start a family. However, a decision from Evan’s past comes back to haunt him – and he fears he may already have children of his own. After his failed proposal to Charlotte, Hank decides to find the perfect woman to settle down with, but his first date doesn’t exactly go as planned. Meanwhile, Jeremiah rescues Divya following her incident with the police.
S7 EP1
After an incredible start to summer, Hank decides he wants to make his relationship with Charlotte more permanent, but she may not feel the same way. Evan and Paige finally close escrow on their own home and couldn’t be more excited – until they receive some startling news. Meanwhile, Boris completes his purchase of Hamptons Heritage and is looking for a new interim administrator to run it. Hank’s hesitant to take on so much responsibility, but Hank isn’t whom Boris had in mind.