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Shawn and Gus have run into a problem on their latest case.  They are investigating the disappearance of Oswald Chester in a place that is impossible to sneak into, Glorious Pines, the most exclusive retirement community in Santa Barbara.  They convince Henry to go undercover as Talmadge McGulager, who has actually gotten in off the wait list.  However, Shawn has already informed the real Talmadge that he cannot move in for three more days giving them time to investigate.  Once inside, they hook up with their client, Jervis Kent.  Jervis is a security guard with minimal clearance but he did manage to get Talmadge the empty bed in Oswald's room.  Oswald disappeared three days ago but the Glorious Pines staff and the police refuse to investigate since Oswald has a history of disappearing then reappearing a few days later.  But Jervis, being Oswald's best friend, knows that this time is different.  Shawn spots Oswald's wallet next to a rope bracelet on the nightstand.  He concludes that Oswald wouldn't voluntarily take off without money and an ID.  Gus sees that he's left his blood pressure medication behind as well.  Shawn notices evidence that Oswald was training for a marathon and deduces he probably went missing on one of his practice runs.

While leaving Henry behind to investigate, Shawn and Gus trace Oswald's jogging route and find evidence that he fell and hit his head on a rock.  They go to the nearest hospital where they find him unconscious in the ICU listed as John Doe.  Shawn impersonates a doctor and convinces the residents on rounds to give him a status on Oswald's condition.  They tell Shawn that Oswald had a sudden drop in blood pressure causing him to pass out and hit his head.  His pressure didn't come up right away when they administered fluids so he probably took too much of his medication by mistake.  With everything pointing to an accident and the case seemingly closed, Shawn and Gus return to Glorious Pines to get Henry who is having the time of his life, breaking swimming records and getting whatever kind of food he wants brought to him by Meredith, a food service volunteer.  Henry, however, still feels something suspicious going on in the community.  For example, Pamela, the administrator, runs it with an iron fist and gives out citations readily.  And Oswald was the number one rule breaker.  Shawn and Gus think Henry is just looking for reasons to stay, until two more residents collapse, both wearing bracelets similar to the one found in Oswald's room.

Shawn and Gus go to the police with their suspicions, thinking there might be an Angel of Death working at Glorious Pines, but Lassiter and Juliet tell them it's common for older people to fall ill, especially when it's so hot out.  Realizing they aren't going to get any help there, they return to Glorious Pines where Jervis tells them that the bracelets were made by Chelsea, the dance instructor, and she doesn't give them to just anybody.  Chelsea tells them that she met all the victims at the Heart Smart seminar she runs at the center.  All the victims had high blood pressure and were probably on the same medication.  Since they know that Oswald fell ill from an overdose, Shawn believes someone slipped some extra medication to all of them.   They then realize that everyone in the community on the same medication is a target.  So Henry creates a diversion in order for Shawn and Gus can sneak into Pamela's office to find a list of residents to which it's been prescribed.

While searching the office, Shawn comes across the waitlist which says Oswald and the other two victims are getting kicked out of Glorious Pines because they now require full time care.  The facility cannot accommodate people who require constant medical supervision.  Shawn figures out that this was the motive all along.  Someone on the waitlist got tired of waiting, and started getting rid of residents in order to move in sooner.  They take one look at the list and recognize a name immediately.  They've found their culprit, Meredith Cloverfield.  Her mother Rhonda is seventh on the list.  Meredith slipped the medication into the food of the blood pressure patients who were essentially marked by Chelsea's bracelets.  But as soon as Jervis finds the stolen medication on her, the real Talmadge McGulager shows up to move in, forcing Shawn, Gus and Henry to flee just as they've solved the case.

About Psych

PSYCH is a quick-witted comedy/drama starring James Roday as young police consultant Shawn Spencer who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that Santa Barbara PD detectives think he's psychic.
Psych also stars Dule Hill as Shawn's best friend and reluctant sidekick, Gus, and Corbin Bernsen as his disapproving father, Henry, who ironically was the one who honed his son's "observation" skills as a child. Also featured are Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson.

Psych was created by Steve Franks ("Big Daddy"), who also serves as executive producer, along with Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchack, in association with Tagline Television and NBC Universal Television Studios. Co-executive producers include Saladin Patterson ("Frasier") and Josh Bycel ("American Dad"). Serving as producers are Andy Berman, Anupam Nigam and Kell Cahoon. Tim Meltreger is staff writer.

Psych continues USA's tradition of original scripted programming centering on quirky, intelligent characters. As with Monk, Psych mixes comedy with its crime and features a somewhat eccentric lead character - Shawn, a police Psychic with absolutely no psychic abilities.

Raised in Santa Barbara by a family of cops, Shawn possesses uncanny powers of observation honed by his police officer father, Henry, who drilled young Shawn to note even the smallest of details from his surroundings as a way of grooming him for his inevitable career in the family business. Unfortunately, when a rift develops between father and son, Shawn finds himself taking a series of random jobs instead of becoming the detective he was groomed to be.

However, for the fun of it, Shawn makes a habit of calling in tips to the police about cases he reads about or sees on television, and when one of his tips appears too close to the truth, the police are convinced that Shawn is an accomplice and arrest him.

Using his charm and well-tuned talent, Shawn convinces the cops that he's actually a psychic, and although highly skeptical of his explanation, they hire him to help solve tough cases. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus, Shawn uses his skills of observation and charismatic personality to become the detective he was trained to be, opening his own PI agency - Psych - and solving cases for an ever-suspicious, but grudgingly impressed, police force.

Cast & Crew

Psych Shawn Spencer as played by James Roday