Season 2 episodes

S2 EP8
Celebrate Me Scones
As a thank you for all she’s done, Maggie surprises Emma with tickets to Kenny Loggins! However, even this news doesn’t cheer Emma up; after breaking up with Rabbi Dan for Mark, Mark has yet to return her calls. Finally Emma just goes up to the police station to talk to him, but she learns he’s out of the office on an undercover mission.
S2 EP7
Officer of the Year
It’s the week of the annual Policeman’s Ball, which thanks to Mark, Emma has been asked to plan. The two walk through the ballroom, discussing the night. Wanting to spend a little more time with Emma, Mark offers his help setting up… but to his surprise, Rabbi Dan pops up at her side, already on the job.
S2 EP6
Kimmewah Kup
Maggie and Emma pack the car up for a weekend at the lake house, Maggie struggling to pull Emma away from Rabbi Dan. Emma just can’t get enough of him the past few weeks. She’s even getting into his favorite type of music, jam bands!
S2 EP5
Employee of the Month
While planting some new succulents, Emma and Maggie find a newly divorced Mark jogging back and forth in front of their house. Unsure what to do, they invite him in where they press him to discuss his feelings about the divorce. Instead Mark insists he fix their terrible water pressure.
S2 EP4
Knotty Pine
Struggling to be best friends with Mark’s wife, Tina, Maggie and Emma agree to attend a ladies-only wood-working class with her. It’s there they meet Buck Finch, the over-sexual master craftsman teaching the class. Every woman in class is a hot-mess for Buck, but Maggie and Emma aren’t sold, especially when they discover Buck has taken a special interest in Tina!
S2 EP3
Cashmere Burka
Continuing her personal “Gwenaissance,” Emma’s mom, Gwen, asks Maggie to direct a play she’s written based on her life, titled Cashmere Burka. Determined to have Emma as the lead, Maggie threatens to offer it to Tina, quickly convincing Emma to take the role. Emma assures Maggie this play will be a disaster, as Gwen will stop at nothing to manipulate and terrorize those she loves, but Maggie defends that her relationship with Gwen is different.
S2 EP2
Sleepless in Pinebrook
After Maggie has a provocative dream about The Property Brothers, Emma insists it’s time for her to get back out there and snaps pictures of Maggie for a Tinder profile. Maggie’s younger brother, Zach, volunteers to babysit Charlotte with the help of her ex-husband, Bruce. They’ve been looking to get in some “dunkle” time, i.e. dad + uncle time. Maggie thanks him but says no thanks; she just wants to meet someone the old-fashioned way, like in a Tom Hanks movie.
S2 EP1
Hello, Old Friend
Four and a half months after Tina’s ultimatum that Mark to stay away from Emma and Maggie, the foursome is forced to confront each other in passing at their local photo-studio. The estranged friends try to be polite, but Maggie and Mark end up pulling Emma and Tina off each other as they argue over the heritage of Tina’s new French Bulldog, René.