Emma Crawford
played by Jessica St. Clair
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Strong-willed and passionate, Emma (Jessica St. Clair) is a force to be reckoned with. With the aid of her wit, charm, and trusty power blazer, there’s no deal she can’t negotiate. Last season, she stopped hopping from trash can to trash can and finally settled down in Pinebrook to help Maggie raise baby Charlotte. From crazed late-night feedings to wing-womaning Maggie through a night of insane dates, Emma is always there for her family when they need her most. If only things were that simple with her ex-boyfriend Mark. After doing the right thing and encouraging Mark to patch things up with his wife Tina, Emma finds herself even farther apart from him than she was before. It is only reconciling with Mark and moving on as friends that she can finally open herself up to finding her next real romance.

In USA’s new comedy “Playing House,” Jessica St. Clair (“Best Friends Forever”) stars as Emma Crawford, a strong-willed, passionate and career driven woman who moves back to her small hometown to help her best friend, Maggie (Lennon Parham, “Best Friends Forever”), raise her first baby.  St. Clair co-stars and co-created the series along with Parham. 

A multi-talented actress and writer, she initially gained notoriety performing at the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York and Los Angeles. 

St. Clair has appeared in numerous features including, most recently, the critically praised independent films “Afternoon Delight” and “Enough Said.”  One of her most memorable roles was in the blockbuster hit "Bridesmaids" in the unforgettable bridal salon food poisoning scene.  Other credits include Sacha Baron Cohen’s “The Dictator," “Wanderlust,” "She's Out of My League," "Life as We Know It" and Christopher Guest's "For Your Consideration."

On television, she currently has a recurring role on “Veep.”  In addition, St. Clair and Parham starred in and created “Best Friends Forever” for NBC in 2012.  St. Clair also starred opposite Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines on "In the Motherhood" and has guest starred on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” "Weeds,” "United States of Tara," as well as  “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office.” 

A graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, St. Clair can also be seen as the spokesperson for the retail chain Marshall's. 

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, playwright Dan O’Brien, daughter Isobel and her rescue miniature schnauzer, Emma.