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Q. Why can't I get your full episodes to play?
A. Please ensure that all ad-blocking software is disabled when trying to view full episodes on Ad blockers will prevent the episodes from playing properly.

Q. How do I watch USA Network in high definition?
A. USA HD is a separate channel that simulcasts USA Network in 1080i high definition. USA HD is available on DirecTV, Dish Network and many cable systems. If you do not receive USA-HD, please call your cable or satellite operator.

Q. What happened to The 4400, The Dead Zone, and The Starter Wife?
A. The 4400 and The Dead Zone are no longer on the USA Network schedule.

Q. Can I get this [Series/Movie/Special] that USA Network aired on DVD?
A. In the vast majority of instances, USA Network only has the broadcast rights to the programs that we air. All other rights, including the production and sale of DVDs, are held by the original production studio. Click below to see a list of past and present USA Network programs, their production companies/distributors, and which seasons are available on DVD (if any):


Q. Why am I hearing USA Network in Spanish?
A. If you are hearing Spanish audio on one of our programs (such as WWE Raw), you have likely turned on the SAP (Second Audio Program) feature of your television or cable/satellite receiver, which is used to broadcast alternate audio feeds. To change back to English audio, press the SAP button on your remote control, or find the SAP/Language option in your cable or satellite receiver's menu system. If you are unable to find this option, please contact your cable or satellite provider.

If you are seeing Spanish-language commercials air during our programming, these are inserts done by your cable provider. Several minutes of each hour are reserved for cable and satellite providers to insert their own commercials, and USA Network has no control over their content. This is why you'll often see commercials for competing networks or for local businesses; the ad time was purchased from the cable or satellite provider and not from USA Network.

Q. How do I unsubscribe to mobile alerts?
A. To unsubscribe from all USA alerts, text "STOP" to 872898
To unsubscribe from Burn Notice Alerts, text "BEND" to "USATXT" (872898).
To unsubscribe from 4400 Alerts, text "T4END" to "USATXT" (872898).
To unsubscribe from Law & Order: Criminal Intent Alerts, text "CIEND" to "USATXT" (872898).
To unsubscribe from Monk Alerts, text "MKEND" to "USATXT" (872898).
To unsubscribe from Nashville Star Alerts, text "STAREND" to "USATXT" (872898).
To unsubscribe from Psych Alerts, text "PSYEND" to "USATXT" (872898).
To unsubscribe from The Starter Wife Insider, text "WIFEEND" to "USATXT" (872898).
If you continue to experience difficulties with mobile alerts, please e-mail, or call Singlepoint Customer Care at 1-866-375-2127.


Before contacting USA Network, please make sure your question or concern is not already in the FAQ.

Also, please note the following:

    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties with USA Network on your television, please contact your TV service provider first to report your concern.

    • It is USA Network's policy not to accept or consider creative materials, ideas, or suggestions other than those we specifically request. Visit our Terms of Service for more information about submissions.

    • We are unable to forward messages directed specifically to USA Network talent.

  • Although we are unable to individually respond to every inquiry due to the high volume of feedback we receive, we value your comments and suggestions.

USA Network provides viewers with four different ways to leave us your feedback:

Sign up at the USA Network Forum and leave your message, which can be read and replied to by other forum members.

Call the NBC switchboard at 212-664-4444, and ask to leave a message on the USA Network Viewer Hotline. Please note that we are not able to return any calls.

Address your letters to:

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