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S1 EP9
Fire Captain Cro
Aired on 05/22/2018
Available until 11/10/2018
Antonio gives volunteer firefighting a try as a way to impress his son Jagger, but quickly finds it too hot to handle. Jurzie the “girl boss” emerges as she helps Jordynn in a school project.
S1 EP8
Aired on 05/15/2018
Available until 11/10/2018
Antonio is determined to learn a new set of skills as he pursues a post-football career in sports commentating. Meanwhile, Terricka tries to enjoy a long-overdue night out with her girlfriends.
S1 EP7
Snap Back to Reality
Aired on 05/08/2018
Available until 11/10/2018
Terricka and Antonio realize they need to spend quality time together, but finding activities they both enjoy proves difficult.
S1 EP6
Baby Cro On the Way
Aired on 12/12/2017
Available until 11/10/2018

With the baby due any day, the Cromarties realize there is still much to be done in preparation for the home birth. However, a last minute phone call forces the family to call an audible.

S1 EP5
Cro Potty Training
Aired on 12/05/2017
Available until 11/10/2018
With the birth of the newest Cromartie around the corner, the family decides that they need a bigger van. Then, Terricka and Antonio turn potty training the twins into a friendly competition.
S1 EP4
Little Girl Boss
Aired on 11/30/2017
Available until 11/10/2018

Antonio helps Jordynn brush up on her baby sitting skills so he and Terricka can enjoy a much needed date night. Meanwhile, Terricka and the girls embark on a new leotard line venture.

S1 EP3
Camp Cro
Aired on 11/23/2017
Available until 11/10/2018

Antonio realizes his kids are too privileged and takes them camping to “remove the bougie crust”. Meanwhile, Terricka and G-mama struggle to see eye to eye on parenting.

S1 EP2
Aired on 11/16/2017
Available until 11/10/2018
When Antonio and the kids go overboard at the supermarket, Terricka decides the whole family needs a lesson in "Ballin' on a Budget".
S1 EP1
Happy Bear-Day Jagger
Aired on 11/09/2017
Available until 11/09/2018

Antonio has taken on more "Daddy Duties" since becoming a free agent, but when Terricka asks him to plan Jagger's 6th Birthday party, it turns out to be a real "Bear" of a task.