S6 EP3
A Date with Destiny
Aired on 05/22/2018
Available until 01/02/2020
A newly single Chase gets caught off guard when his family sets him up on a double blind date. Meanwhile, Todd struggles with how to handle Grayson's latest homework assignment.
S6 EP2
Todd and Pony Show
Aired on 05/15/2018
Available until 01/02/2020
Todd becomes Faye's assistant after finding out that she's been making Julie to run all of her errands. Meanwhile, Savannah gets over-excited when Chloe shows an interest in horseback riding.
S6 EP1
Training Faye
Aired on 05/08/2018
Available until 01/02/2020
Julie gets annoyed when Chloe’s fifth birthday brings out her family’s competitive side. Meanwhile, Todd’s meddling in Faye’s exercise routine gets her blood pressure up. Check out our rundown of the season 6 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best, “Training Faye.”