season 3 episodes

S3 EP10
Sympathy For The Devil

The kiss Dani had with Nico has led to a wonderful night together, but the cocoon of romance is shattered when they arrive at the V3 office and the mysterious Alex Careles is there. Alex is not only a woman but also Nico’s wife. Dani is floored. This is not like the other secrets Nico has been keeping from her. Nico explains that Alex was once a colleague whom he married to keep in the country and for their mutual benefit so they couldn’t testify against one another. At times it was a romantic relationship but not anymore. Alex is leaving the country that night and has already handed Nico divorce papers. More confused than ever, Dani tells Nico she can’t have a relationship with someone she will really never know. Can Nico finally come clean and reveal his past to Dani.

S3 EP9
Sucker Punch

Fed up with the lack of hard evidence to build a case against V3, Nico’s FBI contact, Agent Bennett, brings Dani in for questioning. She isn’t about to talk, especially without any legal counsel present, so he reluctantly lets her go. That night Dani gives Nico an earful for breaking his promise about protecting her. He’s just as angry since he had no idea they were going to haul her in. So Nico pays Agent Bennett a visit to “remind” him that they agreed to keep Dani out of the investigation. Bennett, however, has clearly run out of patience. It’s time to get real proof or their deal is off.

S3 EP8
The Game’s Afoot

After they kiss, Nico finally tells Dani about his arrangement with the FBI. They join forces to find Joseph Crabchek, each with their own agendas. They discover that Crabchek has assumed a new identity so Dani approaches him with the less antagonistic request of enlisting his help with his old teammate Hutch. The young man denies that he’s Crabchek or knows what she’s talking about. But when Troy and Connor confront Nico and Dani upon their return to the office with Troy claiming Crabchek threatened to sue them for harassment, it’s clear that Crabchek is more than simply avoiding his past.

S3 EP7
Bringing the Heat

Darryl Hutchinson, the rising star minor league baseball rookie, is about to have his shot at the big leagues but the stress he’s feeling to succeed is so great, he passes out on the mound during a crucial game. Despite the signs that something is clearly wrong with him, he refuses to let Dani help him. To escape the mounting pressure, he quits V3, packs up a van and takes off, much to Connor’s chagrin. In fact, Connor is so angry that ten years of cultivating Hutch’s talent has been flushed down the tubes, he won’t let Dani spend one more minute on him. Tired of Connor bending the rules back and forth to suit his needs, Dani quits. Even when he tries to apologize, Dani refuses to change her mind. If Connor won’t help her help Hutch, then maybe Nico will—that is, if she can finally get him to return her calls.

S3 EP6
Good Will Haunting

Dani thinks that Carl Webber is trying to send her a message—not from the Great Beyond but through the flash drive he mailed to her right before he committed suicide. The problem is that whatever is on the drive is encrypted, so Dani turns to Nico for help decoding it. Nico reluctantly agrees. He definitely wants to know exactly what Carl was up to, however he doesn’t want to drag Dani any further into this mess than she already is. But she’s not letting go of that drive. Carl sent it to her for a reason; she owes it to him to figure out why.

S3 EP5
V3 For Vendetta

Spirits are high at V3 in anticipation of their annual V3 Foundation charity event until the FBI unexpectedly raids their offices. Connor is shocked by the sudden turn of events but immediately puts on a good face for his employees, his clients and the press. One person, however, is not surprised: Nico. However, he had no idea the raid would take place so soon. Now he has to pretend he didn’t have a hand in tipping off the Feds and help Connor and his team navigate through the murky process. Thankfully, Connor is too busy suspecting that his old protégée and now competitor Abby Bruce is behind the raid, mostly because he can’t fathom the idea that one of his own employees would be capable of trying to take down V3.

S3 EP4
Snap Out Of It

Paloma has been giving Dani a hard time about her empty social calendar, particularly the lack of dates on it. She manages to convince Dani to come to a V3 Girls’ Night Out, where Sam Conte—a very attractive V3 agent from the west coast—hits on Dani. But Dani claims she’s too busy to think about dating right now. She’s trying to figure out why motivational speaker, writer and TV personality Nolan Powers has been acting so strangely, including telling Dani he’s considering suicide and disappearing without telling his concerned fiancée where he is.

S3 EP3
Swimming With Sharks

When the phones and Internet go down at V3, Connor suspects corporate espionage at the hands of “Bruce,” his former assistant who has started a rival agency. It would make sense given that Connor is trying to use Dani as “bait” to lure Devon Langer, the New York Blizzard’s star shooting guard, away from SBG Management. Connor has waived Dani’s exclusivity clause so she can help a troubled Devon, whose free-throw stats have mysteriously dropped in the last couple of months. Dani agrees to take the case as long as she isn’t expected to outright recruit the young player. Though she has an easy fix for his shooting involving some fancy footwork, getting to the root of his psychological problem may not be a slam dunk.

S3 EP2
Gimme Some Lovin

It’s Dani’s first official day on the job at V3 and she’s already overwhelmed—not by the quantity or kind of patients she’ll have to help but by the enormous office, generous expense account, luxury company car and a hyper-efficient assistant the company has presented her with. Unused to having anyone doing anything for her, Dani resists the perks. But her new boss, Connor McLane, takes her out to dinner and convinces her she deserves to be taken care of and treated well. Despite the growing tension between her and Anders and the continued strangeness with Nico, Dani gives in to the glamorous extras, including the assistance of the energetic Paloma, which come with being employed by V3.

S3 EP1

It’s six months later and Dani has been dealing with more changes than she ever could’ve imagined. Not only did she not reconcile with Matt, she has had to completely let him go ever since he found out Noelle was pregnant and they got married. Ray Jay has gone off to Paris with Juliette Pittman and has yet to return. Nico took a job with Mark Cuban in Dallas and has vanished into thin air as far as Dani can tell.