Season 3 episodes

S3 EP10
shutdown -r
Aired on 12/13/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
elliot tries to save darlene but sh*t doesn’t go as planned. mr. robot needs to step up or step back ffs. angela considers the price.
S3 EP9
Aired on 12/06/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
elliot trolls a former ally. mr. robot leaves cryptic txt. tyrell gets new cmds. tbh darlene’s plan is next level risky biz.
S3 EP8
Aired on 11/29/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
elliot tries to get ghosted. FWIW it’s the day of all days.
S3 EP7
Aired on 11/22/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
mr. robot wants answers. price < whiterose. fbi closes in. knight time in the desert. angela hits the rewind button. a lot.
S3 EP6
Aired on 11/15/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
remember, remember, 29th of september. elliot faces off with mr. robot. dom grows tired of red tape but tries the ribs for escape. tyrell’s new plan wont be forgot.
S3 EP5
Aired on 11/08/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
E Corp in chaos elliot on the run darlene comes to help cant stop wont stop angela FTW.
S3 EP4
Aired on 11/01/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
dom has a close call. elliot chases himself with darlene on the lookout. mr. robot doesn’t have a need for swede. angela gets savage AF.
S3 EP3
Aired on 10/25/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
hi. im tyrell wellick. former interim CTO of E Corp. ive been gone for a while. its time for an AMA!
S3 EP2
Aired on 10/18/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
elliot is lit by his goal to ctrl+z five/nine. darlene meets rock + hard place. mr. robot sparks a panic.
S3 EP1
Aired on 10/11/2017
Available until 10/10/2018
elliot gets woke. realizes his mission. needs help from angela. darlene freaks about them coming out clean. and who tf is this irving guy?