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Posted on 08/18/2017

Mr. Robot star Rami Malek appeared with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's Tonight Show, where he teased season_3.0 with a never-seen-before clip from an upcoming episode. In it, we see Elliot Alderson back in the hacker's seat -- and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) is with him. Take a look!

Posted on 08/14/2017

USA Network is proud to welcome Bobby Cannavale into the Mr. Robot family, where will he appear in the upcoming third season. Little is known about his character Irving, described as a "laconic, no-nonsense used car salesman," and we can't wait to find out what kind of character Sam Esmail has created. Fortunately, here are 10 great Bobby Cannavale movies to watch while you're waiting!

Posted on 08/04/2017

Announced in March, actor Bobby Cannavale (VinylBoardwalk Empire) will join the upcoming season of USA's critical hit about a group of hackers determined to take down one of the world's largest financial institutions. Cannavale's character is thus far a mysterious one, merely billed as "Irving." See the first look of his character here!

Posted on 07/12/2017

The Television Academy announced its 69th Primetime Emmy nominations Thursday morning, including nominations for Mr. Robot season_2.0!

Posted on 07/11/2017

It's happening. And Mr. Robot fans attending this year's San Diego Comic Con will be the first to experience it. USA Network is bringing the world of Mr. Robot to life as fans will have the opportunity to visit a real-life version of E Corp’s Bank of E and receive an E Corp card loaded with E Coin cryptocurrency.

Posted on 06/13/2017
Featured From The Verge
Election systems across 39 different states showed traces of attacks by Russian hackers after an examination during last year’s election, according to a new report from Bloomberg. In some cases, the attackers even gained access to state-level voter roll data, compromising records on as many as 90,000 voters.
Posted on 06/08/2017
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The Al Jazeera news network is fending off a massive cyberattack, according to a statement today. The Qatari-owned news organization claims that its website and broader media network are currently “undergoing systematic and continual hacking attempts.
Posted on 06/06/2017

On Monday night, the cast of Mr. Robot attended a panel for the Television Academy in Los Angeles to dish about season two. Here's what we learned!

Posted on 05/31/2017
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One of my favorite gadgets at CES this January was the Norton Core. Not exactly for what it claims to accomplish — securing a home network filled with vulnerable IoT devices — but because it looks so weird while doing it.
Posted on 05/31/2017
Featured From The Verge
Members of a Tijuana motorcycle club have spent the last few years stealing 150 Jeep Wranglers in and around the San Diego, California, area. But it’s only just this week that federal and state authorities have shed light on the particularly high-tech methods the bikers used to thieve all those cars.