The Mr. Robot Digital After Show Hosted By The Verge is a live weekly online series that will dive into the complexities of USA Network's critically acclaimed hacker drama, Mr. Robot. Hosted by Nilay Patel, Emily Yoshida, and Russell Brandom of The Verge, a top authority on technology and culture, each episode will feature an in-depth discussion about the most recent episode of Mr. Robot from both an artistic and technological perspective. 

In addition to offering their own opinions and analysis, Nilay, Emily, and Russell will host cast and crew members from Mr. Robot to get the insiders’ perspective on the biggest moments week to week. The Verge team will also break down just how real and imminent the various hacking and cyber-security techniques are in each episode. 

The Mr. Robot Digital After Show Hosted By The Verge will stream live on and The Verge immediately following episodes of Mr. Robot, starting with episode 203 on July 20, and running through the rest of the show’s second season. Following the premiere episode on July 13, and the finale episode on September 14, there will be a special on-air after show, Hacking Robot, airing on USA Network.